Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Hurdle a Hurdle

1. Kneel down into the starting blocks with your lead foot forwar

2. Place your hands directly behind the stating line (about shoulder width apart).
3. Slowly raise your "hind end" in the air.
4. Wait motionless for the sound of the starting gun.
5. Once the gun sounds, forcefully push yourself off the starting blocks using your legs.
6. Keep your head down for the 10 strides (helps build speed)
7. Raise your head and sprint full speed toward the hurdle.
8. As you approach the hurdle, raise your lead knee high enough to clear the height of the hurdle.
9. Then extend you leg (not completely, knee slightly bent) over the hurlde.
10. Next, pull your trail leg over the hurdle (thigh should form a 90 degree angle with your waist.
11. Land on your lead leg's foot.
12. Pull your trail leg forward so that it lands in front of your lead leg
13. Continue to sprint, your stride should not be altered

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